Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post

Another online journal. Another blog. Not my first.

What to Expect:

I’ll post photos, old and new, and perhaps discuss them. I’ll write about music, stories, poetry, nature, humanity, politics, life, being a father, folk art, history, the future, and any other oddball link or quirk that comes across my mind. We can discuss perspective, myth, lines, rhythm, melody or even shadow plays. I’ll write about anything swirling around the sun, or I imagine might swirl around some alternate universe sun.

This photograph is old, a self portrait from long ago. Being notoriously late to popular TV shows, I was watching, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” years ago, when I saw the episode where her mom dies. The silence and unsettlingness of that episode unleashed my own emotions about when my mom passed away. I blubbered throughout the episode, and continued to cry long after. When I felt exhausted and wrecked, the idea came, take a self portrait. Partly because I wondered what I looked like, and partly because I wanted the document. Me at emotion’s end, flat out and laid bare.

So goes the inaugural post.