Road Trip 2017: Colorado

Later this month, I’m heading out on the open road. The first out of state road trip in quite some time. I’m ready and excited. Well, it is a bit off and on, really. I’m excited and a bit unsure sometimes. But I’m going either way.

I’ve never seen the Rockies. That will be fixed on this road trip, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen proper mountains, and I mean to drive deep into them. Alone.

I’m studying the maps, my Lonely Planet Guide for Colorado, and Google; looking for the places to go. A bit worried about the warnings to not hike alone. I’ve also had advice not to worry about that advice, or to just hike popular trails. We’ll see what I do. I’m happy to meet people on the trail and hook up with a team or something.

My most northern point will be the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya. Essentially, this trip is a pilgrimage to that Stupa. I was real reticent to go on this road trip, until this destination was added. Then it was like, now I have to go. Sincerely. It will be wonderful to see this Stupa and the Shambhala Mountain Center.

I’ll also take a weekend class at the Denver Shambhala Center with Shastri Nick Kranz. I’m excited about this class as well. I like the Shastri, and well, this is the originating reason for the trip. This is the best chance this year I have to take this class, with this teacher, and my heart says it is the right thing to do.

I hope to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks, Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, etc.

I’m excited. The adventure begins soon. But I am nervous. I’ve never traveled so far, by car, alone. It’s a lot of driving, by yourself, especially that west Texas, high desert to Amarillo. That part of the trip is about an 8 hour drive alone.

I also had the feeling, quite a few times, that I’m not coming back.

I’m not certain how to understand this. Perhaps I mean, working with the nervousness and fear will be transformative. I am adventuring outside my comfort zone, into a lot of unknowns, and thereby when I get back, I’ll be different? Maybe? Or maybe this is some subliminal nod to the cliche that travel changes you, if you’re open to it.  Or maybe, because of some sort of death/rebirth metaphor, or maybe this is just more fear for me to work with, and will lead to a realization of the true self, especially upon seeing a building that promises liberation upon seeing (Stupa)? I’m not sure. I’ll have plenty of time to think about it on the road.

It could be that I will fall in love with Colorado. I don’t see how I could love another state more than Texas. But mountains. Mountains!

We’ll see. I’m up for the journey.

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