Light and Lightness and Love

My life is full of struggle and victory.

I found my dreams, they were eclipsed by old habits, which I quit about a week ago. If I ever told you, which I have to many people over many years, that I don’t remember my dreams, let me tell you, they are back and vivid af. If last night is any indication, some of those dreams are quite angry. No worries. It all reminds me of a line from the movie, Jacob’s Ladder, which uses a quote from Meister Eckhart (A favorite Christian mystic of mine), and I’ll paraphrase poorly, when you stop fighting your monsters, you find they were really angels all along, helping to set you free. One of last night’s many dreams was a nightmare about “something” trying to get in. Turning knobs, unlocking locks and pushing against doors. If I don’t wake up from fear, next time, I will invite it in.

I am interested in lucid dreaming
slightly less
than lucid living.

The hard realization from the weekend is how much I lied to myself about those habits. How hard I worked on their behalf, like an over-priced lawyer. I was good too.

But the heart wins and wants what it wants. My heart wants more clarity. More experiences. More fullness of it all. Everything.

Better days, my friends, filled with more light, and lightness, and love.

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