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I’ve done some silent hikes with friends and acquaintances, and now I’m ready to open them up to everyone.

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These silent hikes include mindful hiking, a short meditation, and a good bit of group fun. Swimming will also be part of the fun soon, and I hope to plan some camping trips and other adventures this year.

I’ve lived in the Austin, Tx area for close to thirty years, and I know some good places to hike, some sweet swimming holes, good camping and many places to meditate outside. It’s good to go as a group. I’ll share some special places, and maybe even some of my more sacred spots. Most of all, I want to do what I can to get people outside and into life outdoors.

If you practice Miksang, or like taking photos, this is a good opportunity for you as well. I’ll likely take photos along the way too.

No certain lineage is promoted in the meditation, and all are welcome, whether you want to meditate, contemplate or just get outside and be in nature for the numerous health benefits we now know comes with regular outdoor activity. Consider this a chance for forest bathing. Atleast grove bathing. Bare minimum, creek and river bathing.

I’m also considering walking in your neighborhood, and park events for your favorite little people & you, with mindful games and activities. I’ve put together the best games I’ve collected over the years, and we’ll all have a great time while playing, connecting and building life long memories.

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