Wayfarer and the Routine

autumn rose

Autumn Rose

It was a misting and foggy early morning the other day. Otherworldly. Quiet. I was walking around a nearby park when I saw this scene in the drainage.

Conspiracy of Air and Trees

Exuberant Beauty

I still love looking at it. I sat here for too long, looking at it. It’s impossible to articulate why. I just love it. Everything is arranged, just so. My most recent photos are almost always my favorite, but this is my new favorite. I can see this as a huge print. I may make that happen. Soon. Maybe another print for the giveaway. More on that below.

I set up a facebook page called, Wayfarer Photography – go like it if you haven’t already. It’s a hub for this blog, my flickr, instagram, twitter and any of the various projects I work. My plan is to promote taking photos (for everyone), walking, hiking and good health through the Wayfarer site. It’s all uncertain, but we’ll see what happens. A book on photography and wayfaring is forthcoming. I’ll do a print giveaway soon, to promote the facebook page, and I have other things planned. Alot to do. Should be fun. The prints are big and beautiful. That’ll be happening soon. Get over there.

the implications

The Implications

Here’s the Daily Practice:

I’ve now lost more than 90 pounds since March 2015. I’m at a weight I haven’t seen in atleast a decade. The diet is the same, I eat mainly fruits and vegetables.

I am in love with my body still. While many people my age are experiencing declines, I’m witnessing a resurgence. I’m gaining mobility. Yoga is part of this love. Bending, stretching, feeling the strength in my limbs and muscles. I love climbing hills. I love the pull up bar I installed above my bedroom door, and wish they were everywhere. Pull up bars we could all be hanging from, at work, at the grocery store, etc. It feels great. I still can’t do a single pull up, but I’m getting there.

There should be all age monkey bars everywhere!

I’ve been watching a youtube page by Erin Volentine and I must admit that I’ve been eating a fair amount of raw meals, and some supremely just fruit meals as well. I’m thinking about buying her cookbook, which is an odd name for a raw vegan book on preparing meals. Maybe a NO Cookbook.

But I still eat Fish and Fowl, and with the fowl goes the eggs. No cow or pig. No dairy. I will eat feta. Butter if its already in there.

I stay away from grains, mostly. Pita here and there. A biscuit might turn up, but I don’t search them out, or feel much of a desire for them. So the only carbs I get are from fruits and veg, mainly.

I drink water and tea. Unsweetened. Green and other assorted smoothies.

I meditate in the morning. I still do the yoga/hip routine in the morning. I may meditate again, later in the day if the mood strikes me. Now, I read one Mary Oliver poem every morning. I’m reading, Why I Wake Early, right now, and I love this practice. I recite/read this poem called, School Prayer, by Diane Ackerman every morning to the dark and the new dawn:

In the name of the daybreak
and the eyelids of morning
and the wayfaring moon
and the night when it departs,

I swear I will not dishonor
my soul with hatred,
but offer myself humbly
as a guardian of nature,
as a healer of misery,
as a messenger of wonder,
as an architect of peace.

In the name of the sun and its mirrors
and the day that embraces it
and the cloud veils drawn over it
and the uttermost night
and the male and the female
and the plants bursting with seed
and the crowning seasons
of the firefly and the apple,

I will honor all life
—wherever and in whatever form
it may dwell—on Earth my home,
and in the mansions of the stars.

I go for a walk before work. Then a morning walk around 9:30 am or so. Then another walk around lunch, and then another walk around 3:00. Maybe another after work, depending on the day and the duties. I must say, the first morning walk is important to a good day. When I miss it, it sucks a bit. I also stretch throughout the day, deep squatting, reaching for door jambs, etc.

All of these things have brought me to the happiest and most content place I’ve ever been in my life. I feel capable, strong, and ready for the world. I feel hopeful. Grateful. Blessed.

That being said, my hip, sciatica thing is still healing. Getting better all the time. I can go further than ever. I suspect it’ll be gone soon.

None of this is a grim duty. If I’m not in the mood for something, which rarely happens, I’ll skip it. I’ve missed yoga in the mornings, if I’m in a rush. I’ve missed meditating a time or two, but I don’t sweat it. I love it, and I know I’ll return to it.

I’m working on some longer posts, and other things. So much is going on, but I didn’t want to let this place fall away. More to come. Alot more.

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