Marking Milestones

This morning I wore what I believe to be the last too-small-for-me shirt in my closet. It now fits. So now I have a host of too-big-for-me clothes, and a much smaller subset of, well, my current clothes that currently fit. Since March, I’ve lost about 80 pounds. I also realized, my hiking boots are the same boots I wore into the Grand Canyon, which was more than a decade ago. I have shirts, I’m currently fitting in, from my twenties. I hold on to clothes is what I’m saying. Many miles before I sleep, but it’s good to be here. I’m thankful, and lucky. if you’re all like, what did you do, here it is: I eat mainly vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts. I only drink tea (no sweetner) and water. Mostly water. I eat fish and fowl, but not alot. I don’t do processed food, fast food, dairy, cow, sheep or pig. I don’t miss ithem. It’s not a struggle, or a matter of will power. I’m lucky, the oral surgery at the end of February allowed me space to get off of refined sugar, and processed foods. The doctor and dentist both told me it would be a time of ice cream and yogurt, but instead, I went the juice, smoothie, and puree soup route. After about a month, I didn’t really crave meat either. It was an unintended side effect really. I did get the flu along the way, and woke up from a fevered night and that’s when chicken came back in to the mix. Seafood, well, as someone raised along the Gulf Coast, it’s hard for me to see life with no seafood. I also started meditation, 20 minutes in the morning at around the same time, and to me, it seems related. Anyway, marking the day.

scrub jay's morning ablutions//
Morning Ablutions for a Scrubjay

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