Ickle Bit Afraid

Though the park rangers were cool and allowed me to setup shop in the field next to the equestrian barns, with its wide, long field and 360 degree view, this lovely half moon stopped me from getting the star shots and time lapse I wanted. No matter, perhaps on the next new moon I’ll go out to Lost Maples, which is even darker. Eventually, I’ll learn the skills and get the luck.

but she calls me daddy
The Half Moon knows my name

Setting up in the field allowed me the experience of being utterly shocked by the presence of a feral hog, that somehow snuck up on me. I was likely moon dreaming when he moved into the field. Big and brown, and he looked just like the creature in Beasts of the Southern Wild, but bigger. Atleast, 9 times bigger. Maybe even 18 times bigger! He crushed limestone under his hooves, breathed out snot and fire, and tents and hikers hung from his snout. I did get off one super-blurry shot, because I was a bit dumbfounded, and a ickle bit afraid, at first. No worries, when the moon called my name, he ran.

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