Practices Update

I want to keep giving these shorter updates as well.

Still meditating. Still like it. 20 minutes in the morning. I think the meditation is what made my last camping trip so good.

Still performing restorative exercises and stretched in the morning, along with a modified Sun Salutation yoga stretches.

Still moving through out the day. That means deep squats next to my desk. I do push ups through out the day. I do some hip stretches throughout the day, and  a bit of never flossing for my SI joint.

I walk in the morning, mid-morning, at lunch, and around 3. All before and at work. Now that my hip and back are feeling better, I may start walking after work too. Maybe move to some running. We’ll see.

NEW: I bought a pull up bar, and installed it on my bedroom door. No pull ups yet, but I am making progress. every time I walk near it, I hang from it. Try to do pulls up. I stretch on it. I love it.

NEW: Over the last month or so, I moved to cold showers in the morning. I start off hot to warmish. That lasts the first 30 seconds of the shower. Then, I shut the hot water off, all at once, and the water changes to brisk, refreshing, eye-opening, and calls to mind every waterfall, spring, and cold water swim.

Foodwise, I’m about the same. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables. I’m learning more about seasons. Starting to get educated on growing my own. Great exercise, working with the Earth and vegetables!

No red meat. Roasted chicken here and there. No pork. Some eggs. I eat seafood. Everything is the same really, except my love for plants grows and grows.

I did order, Plant Power Way Cookbook, from Rich Roll. Excited about that. I’m hoping for some good recipes.

I feel good. My energy is high.

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