All This and Breath

Bought a scale, I lost about eighty pounds or so, thus far. On to more fun things.


I’ve been working on a video. Its taken alot of my time and attention lately, with little to show for it, so far. I’m getting close to done, and so wanted to test out youtube, and processing time, etc. So no voice over, titles, or color correction; but here’s an outtake/test. Atleast you’ll get to see Barton Springs and a crawdad.

There will be more to come, for sure.

My camera is back from its cleaning:

the thing in its palace

This tree was exuberantly in the sunlight. It wanted its photo taken. I obliged.

Processing some other photos. Writing as well. I’m a busy man these days.

Installed a pull up bar in the bedroom. I love it. The whole house should have bars to hang from and climb. I need a jungle gym in the backyard, and a natural swimming pool, while I’m dreaming.

While swimming I learned when you hold your breath, you lose it. I know you can deliberately breathe, practice, but that way you lose the magic of it. The effortless act of breathing.

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