Weight and Health Update

Today I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in about 3 or 4 years. Feels good. I thought about buying a scale to do a proper update on weight loss, but I’ll find a scale somewhere. I’ll figure it out. If I have it in the house, I’ll keep stepping on it. I don’t want that bother.

My routine hasn’t changed. Compared to exercise and weight loss plans of my past, I’m barely exercising. I eat mainly fruit and vegetables. Seafood and eggs come in to the scene now and then. A roast chicken here or there. I have hamburger meat, but only as a last resort, since it’s not very appetizing any more. The vegetables and condiments are what sold the hamburger in the past. Now that I’m not interested in condiments or breads, the hamburger is just a waste.

Example: my son loves hamburgers, which means if I want to treat him, I have to figure it out. Luckily, he’s a hamburger-pro, and wants little to do with fast food hamburgers. He likes the expensive, locally-sourced, grass-fed meat joints in Austin. There are a few. Most of these places only offer hamburgers. So, I toss the bun and eat the veggies. I attempt to eat the patty, but I don’t eat much of it. It’s just not my thing anymore. It’s weird but true.

I don’t know why I stopped eating breads. Along with dairy, I just stopped when I started the green smoothies. Looking back, I did a reboot, but not a juice reboot. I did a smoothie and puree soup reboot. After a month of that, I no longer wanted breads or dairy. Still don’t. A couple months ago I had a biscuit, but I didn’t have all of it, and largely was not impressed. So these are not foods I’m keeping from myself. I just don’t want them.

When I do eat chicken or even seafood, I find I double-down on the fruit and veg the next couple or three days. I know that is where the love is. Where the energy is born. So, I’m eating mainly fruits and vegetables. I eat raw, a fair amount, or lightly roasted.

Dinner is often like this: return home from work, preheat oven. Change clothes. Set sweet potato on baking sheet. Chop vegetables. Put sweet potato in the oven for about 10 minutes. Then add vegetables to cooking sheet. Put back in oven for another 30 minutes. Busy myself around the house. Ding! Dinner is ready. Get roasted vegetables out of the oven. Maybe add some fruit and almond butter to the meal. Maybe add a green smoothie to the meal instead of fruit and almond butter. That’s it. Very little hassle.

I’m still meditating in the morning. Still using Headspace. Still love it.

I may not be exercising like I used to, but my energy levels are high. So, I walk alot and throughout the day. I get up from my desk and walk alot. I walk in the morning and at lunch. Sometimes after work.

I perform sun salutations in the morning, with some rehab exercises for the hip thing. Pushups. Jumping. Crawling. I do deep squats throughout the day. I hang from things more and more. I mean to get a pullup bar this weekend.

That’s it really.

The rest of my time is spent at work, planning photo outings, hiking, swimming, working on my grandma picture, the novel, and trying to not get lost in new ideas, like these:

Hero Games. Not a tough mudder, or a spartan race. A Hero Game, where the challenges are obstacle and puzzle based. More like Survivor style challenges. I want to do that. I don’t see that around. I’ve thought about trying to put something together here in Austin, so I can do it. I know and obstacle course where it could be held, and I have an idea on how to get teams to sign up, and who to target. I like this idea. I think it would work, but the rub is creating the puzzles, and figuring out how to run the games. I want to participate, not referee.

Idea two: A Garden Barter app called, Garden Barter. It should work like craigslist. You post a pic and description of the fruit and veg you grew that you have to barter, or what you are looking to find. Searchable. Seems like a no brainer. Maybe not wealth-creating, but high in community need, and community health and growing. that makes this a high value idea. I talked to some coders I know, but none of them have the platform building skills for this type of app. Anyone no someone?

I’m putting these here so I can concentrate on the other things I do. If someone has help or ideas to offer, I’m open, hit me up.

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