one more quick update on cameras, projects and injuries

Too many “quick updates” lately, but no worries, I’m working on posts about being free and more on being wilder. I’ve also been editing some footage I shot of Barton Springs and Austin, Tx with a GoPro 4 Silver. I’m really enjoying this camera. I have many plans for it.

My regular camera is in the shop for cleaning. I’m hard on cameras, and I tend to be a little dangerous with them. That’s why I usually shoot with old cameras. Currently, I shoot with a Canon T3, which is the camera in the shop. I thought about buying a newer model this weekend, and I came really close. After looking at the benefits of the newer models, I felt I had all I really needed with the T3. I’d like a bigger sensor, or a higher ISO capability, but it isn’t that important, not right now. The new GoPro gives me plenty to learn and do. I’ve wanted do time lapse, I have some ideas of tree and rock climbing and of course with the rivers and creeks. It may also be good for interviews, this POV camera. There are some documentary ideas I have that sound fun and rewarding to do.

Lastly, I’ve been working on the picture of my grandma fighting the woods, which is really about grandma being in concert with the woods, her yard and everything. I hope it turns out as I see, or better.

I’m really excited to do all the things I’m planning. Not enough hours in the day.

In the meantime, I’m still dealing with the healing.

So my sciatica is fine, right now. My hips seem to be mobilized pretty well, and now there is simply the pinched or compressed nerve, which is the big part of what I call the hip injury. With some flossing techniques and a few new rehabilitation exercises to go with my current ones, things are progressing nicely.

Nightly, I use hot and cold compresses, I move throughout the day, I do some restorative exercises and nerve flossing techniques throughout the day, and things seem to be going well. Not 100%, not even super close, but things are going well.

How close am I to running a Spartan Race, not close, but I’m way more hopeful.

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