Quick Update on Hip Pain

After lunch I tour the parking lots. I balance across curbs and walls, and essentially look for places to play, while I walk and get some sun. I always want to climb walls and trees, but I’ve been playing it cool while I my hip heals, and what with the Texas heat, I try not to get too sweaty before returning to work.

Since my last post, where I wrote about being near the end of my rope with the hip pain, and wondering if it would be around forever, well, on today’s walk, no pain. A little tightness in a muscle in my back, a little above where the hip pain is, but that’s it.

NOTE: When I was feeling all near the end of my rope, I thought, you know, it is always around the when I’m near the end of my rope that things get better. I should probably hold out, cause, things are about to get better, historically speaking. Well, then reinforces that attitude.

I don’t know if it is the regular heating pad treatments I give myself at night, but I doubt that because I don’t do it long.

I think it is the hamstring stretches using the yoga strap. Each time I do these, I feel like I get a little better. I’ve been doing all sorts of hamstring and calve stretches, but this one seems to be the ticket.

Or the way I’ve been taking it a little easier on my body. Hopefully, this means I’m not far from going hard. I’m ready to go hard. I want to climb, jump and run.

I’m interested in learning proper running form, obstacles courses, parkour, and perhaps even a spartan race.

One day a time. One day a time.

Red letter day: no hip pain on afternoon walk and play

blog related, may be changing the name, and moving to a website for photography, but I’ll still blog, and it’ll still be about a wilder life, but maybe a new name. Meh. We’ll see.

5 Comments on “Quick Update on Hip Pain

  1. Sorry to hear about the pain, I get awful hip pain too and I’ve found the only thing that helps is an ice pack for an hour after a run. Hope you get better!

  2. so happy to hear you are getting better! Recovery and healing are tough to go through when things start feeling confining and cabin-fever-ish, but, as you say, one day at a time. Looking forward to reading about your continued healing and seeing your photography website!

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