A Couple of Toughs

It was lightly raining, I was just about to crest the hill I was hiking, when I saw him. He was staring directly at me. I moved backward, so cedar was between us. I swung my camera bag around so I could grab the camera. I stepped back out from behind the cedar, and he was still staring at me. I snapped this shot, and got the feeling like he might square off against me. The video of the man being attacked by a deer played in my head, so I puffed up and made a stomping foot towards him. He tore off. I shrugged and continued to crest the hill. At the top, he was there with a friend, who had a few more antlers, and they were both staring at me. Same thing, hide, swing the camera bag, pull out camera, snap, then make a stomp. They just stared at me. They weren’t moving. I put my camera away to busy myself. Looked up. Still staring at me. I was little creeped out. It was all a little Stephen Kingish.

early summer

When I hiked away, about 10 feet or so, I nervously looked over my shoulder, worrying they fell in behind me like a couple of toughs looking to rough me up for being in their neighborhood. But no, they just stared, like, why is that human out here, in the rain?

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