Busted by a Great Blue Heron

I crawled against the current of the Pedernales with my camera in one hand, just above the water line. I was mostly submerged, moving slowly and trying to not attract the attention of the Great Blue Heron I was stalking. I wanted to get closer. Get a good shot of his hunting. Then Bam! He spotted me! Found me possibly ridiculous, and certainly no threat the way I seemed to be drowning in a somewhat shallow part of the river. I have other shots, but I love this shot where he spotted me, floundering in the river, while hiding and yet taking a photograph. Comedy.

Busted by a Great Blue Heron


The prior weekend I shot what must be my favorite photographs. I’m still processing them, but I will share them, and maybe we can start delving into my photographic processes.

Still meditating, eating well, and moving around. I feel great.

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