Parzival, Again

Today, I realized that this idea of a wilder life is the same old thing as always. I don’t have a problem with that. Since I was a kid, I’ve liked the story of Parzival. Perceval. The one knight of King Arthur’s court that achieved the grail. Not only that, but he achieved the grail castle twice.

The whole spirit of the story is that you must be acting from your true nature, your authentic self to solve the curse of the grail castle, and win the grail. Of course, there’s a lot more to the story but that’s the thrust. Don’t be robotic, don’t simply be as the court teaches, as your training as a knight teaches, or even your home training; but act from your own spontaneous, true nature. That heals the wounded grail king.

had those days

and so it goes.

Nonetheless, I feel great these days. I’m not even surprised that the same old ideas keep circling back around, dolled up in a fresh look. It’s like when the same lessons tend to circle back around for a fresh learning. With experience, you get better at it all. Catch on quicker. Sometimes.

There are some things I’ve been believing about myself that were just untrue. It’s hard to pinpoint when I started seeing myself, or believing myself to be a little less than I am, but I know I did. Coping mechanisms of some sort I’m sure. I just know that it feels good to be firing on all cylinders. Eating well, believing, stretching, playing, hiking, meditating, family, friends, being open and friendly. All these things are helping. All these things set me free. So regardless what you call whatever it is I’m doing, I feel great.

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