Grandma, Mom and Dad

On my last trip to Houston, my sister was gracious and cool and gave me some old photos of the family. Here are two of them. This is my throwback Thursday post.

Working on the house in Pace, Florida
Working on the house in Pace, Florida

I love this photo, because I have many memories of these three working on that house. Plus, work was a big part of Grandma and Dad’s way. For Grandma, her only exhortations were about not being lazy. Being lazy seemed to be about the worst thing you could be in Grandma’s eyes. Dad wanted you to be useful, which meant not being lazy, and getting up off the couch and working. As a kid, I worked with both, or played around them as they worked. I grew up a bricklayer’s son, so around the age of eleven, I spent many summers and weekends on job sites, stacking bricks, or being loaned out to other contractors. I appreciate their ways, now more than ever. Incidentally, Dad’s other big thing was drinking water. He didn’t like us drinking soda and koolaid. Mom would throw sweet tea or coke into any sippy cup or bottle. I always thought dad wanted us to drink water because it was free, when I was a kid. Now, I think he was just smart, and he knew that all that sugar was no good for us. Now, I don’t drink soda, or anything but water, and sometimes tea. I never sweeten my tea. Dad was right. He was a smart guy.

Grandma was a great fighter of the woods. That is what she called it, “I’m fighting the woods.” She was really fighting the underbrush, and creating park like land. Raking pine needles, gathering fallen branches, and trying to get the lawn to stretch out into the back where the woods were always encroaching.

I have two sisters in Houston. When I showed my other sister this photo of Grandma, Mom and Dad on the roof working, she showed me a picture of Grandma fighting the woods. That photo was glorious. I’m now working on turning the idea of that picture and of Grandma fighting the woods into art. The idea is vivid in my head. I want to exaggerate it into an iconic level image. If things go well, I’ll post it here.

I'm not sure why they are triumphant here, but I like thinking of them this way.
I’m not sure why they are triumphant here, but I like thinking of them this way.

Lastly, here is a young mom and dad in a very triumphant pose. There is a lot I can write about my mom and dad, but suffice it to say, I love and miss them both, very much. It’s an odd time in your life, when your parents are no longer alive. I’d give almost anything for them to spend time with me and my son. I’d love for my dad to have met my son. I miss them. I like remembering them.

I also love and miss Grandma, and Grandad. My mom and dad always seem to live around Grandma and Grandad. We all moved alot, but I was lucky to have such a big family, with my Aunt as well. Many adults with lots of love, always around me. I was a rich kid!

I hope to do them proud.

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