Quick Trip to Houston, between the floods

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Houston with my sisters. I left Austin before the big rains hit the Hill Country, affecting mainly the Blanco River, it seems. I returned early on Monday before the floods hit Austin. I was lucky, and paid attention to the weather in both Austin and Houston, so the plans I made were fairly solid. I-10 crosses the Colorado river many times along the way, and I can report that the river was swollen before that last deluge, or the ones the weatherman says are forthcoming.

Mani Pedi
While in Houston, I had my first mani-pedi, with my sisters. It was awesome. I enjoyed the massage, which included a bit of smacking my around. I also like that odd, hot oil, knee-high bags, I think my sisters said it was for exfoliating. Lastly, I was rubbed with hot stones and, again, it was excellent.

I mean to keep this practice moving forward. I don’t want to lose my foot toughness, but I like my toesnails looking top-notch. I’ll have to find a balance.

When you don’t eat like others
One thing my family enjoys is eating. Out and in. Since my diet is all about fresh, it can be challenging to link up for meals. Essentially, I don’t hassle it. I don’t ask for special consideration. I offer suggestions that I think will give me and everyone else options. When I’m faced with options that don’t fill my needs, I go with out, or eat crap.

I’m happy to report I kept the crap eating to a minimum. I’m not so happy to report that the area of Houston where my family lives, there are not many healthy and fresh options. Eventually, I found a Sprouts market, and loaded up on some fruits and vegetables.

At one point, my sister and I shared an appetizer that included aged balsamic, tomatoes, thyme (I think), and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious, but I must say, my digestive system was not too happy with it. Still doesn’t seem to be.

Overall, the weekend has played a bit of havoc with my insides, but not too bad. My insides sang when I was home and started eating lots of clean foods.

I’m learning how to move through the world, and stay on my new way of doing things, and not fall into the bad eating culture. I like being this way. I feel more me this way. I feel powerful this way. Confident. Happy. Why change?

Going Home
I love going home. Spending time with my family in Houston fills me up. I always feel better for having visited. When I’m away to long, I feel the need to go home and replenish that love and care we all share.

I saw an old friend while I was in Houston as well, and though they are seeing some of the hardest times I know, I loved being able to spend time with them too. To be in touch with those from long ago just keeps you grounded. Tethered. I think it is important to be with people, in person, and share. For yourself, and for them.

Being with my niece and nephews, was just joy. They have a role to play in my life, and I can see I have one to play in their lives, if only as their odd uncle from Austin. When I talk to them, each one, it just seems so necessary and right. If only for the connection.

Everything else
As usual, I have alot to say, but little time. I’ll be cutting this one short. You can see photographs at my instagram, which is linked on the side, as well as, my flickr. Still working and moving forward. Still meditating. Jumping rope has been fun, and I’m getting better. Still a little cautious as I don’t want to hurt my back. Baby step jump roping. Sitting on the floor alot, which means I stretch and exercise alot while on the floor. Strangely, I’m ore active sitting on the floor than if I sit on furniture.

Aging magnolia bloom from my Houston trip
hidden treehouse palace

Hidden Treehouse Palace

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