Miles and Miles of Milestones

I’ve skipped so many updates, but I’m going to attempt to consolidate that bunch of updates, thoughts and discoveries under this one blog. Away we go…

three old thistles
Three old thistles, one too many seeds to the wind

Hard to Live Alone When You’re Sick
Last Tuesday, around 3PM at my desk at work, a wave of exhaustion came over me unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I had to walk around the office just to keep awake. I felt utterly drained. About an hour later I was headed home, and when I pulled out on to the street, the surprising thought came to mind, I hope I don’t fall asleep on the road. That was disconcerting, but I did fine.

By the time I was home, and in bed, I had the chills. I couldn’t get warm all night long. Ended up putting on more clothes, wearing a hat. More blankets. The next day I was feeling better, but still crappy. That next night the fever seemed to break. I woke up drenched in sweat. Work called, and I said I wasn’t at 100% but I felt I’d likely be ready to return the next day. The next day, I still felt crappy.

My sister asked me to go to the doctor if this sickness lasted more than 2 days. I was on the third, so I made an appointment. They loaded me up on steroids and antibiotics, which I’m still taking, but I feel 100% now. It’s tough being sick when you live alone. Despite having pulled muscles in my side coughing, and the muscles in my face, around my temples being sore to the touch, and the despair that can set it with sickness, I still had to rally myself to get water, to feed myself, and self soothe. Not an easy gig.

That third morning when I woke up, the thought in my head was, rotisserie chicken. Whatever happened, my body was demanding I find some rotisserie chicken. I did. Thank you Whole Foods, and I tore into that thing like a beast. It’s a fond memory.

So, I still eat mainly seafood, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Chicken may become a normal addition as well. Long as I find them at the farmers market, or whole foods. I want a chicken that lived the way I want to live. I don’t want to be a factory human, I don’t want to eat factory food.


I’m on the third phase of the Headspace program. I missed one day while I was sick, but otherwise, I haven’t wanted to miss a day. I really enjoy meditating, it turns out. I do it first thing in the morning, usually. I return to it through out the day. It keeps me focused. I dig it.

Others like This

I’ve found so many others who are on the same track as me. We are Wildness, Blue Zones, Primal Blueprint, Fat Burning Man (I just bought his book, Wild Diet), etc. I want to talk about all these things more thoroughly, so just know that more is coming in this respect. Lots of others finding the same thing I’ve found. It’s all about diet. Movement is important, and good, and wonderful even. But eating real foods, organic, and few to know grains or dairy, and well, I’ve lost around 60 pounds since I started in February. Very little exercise, though, my activity is growing daily with all this energy, and all this life to be part of and see.

I’ve been reading, Natural Born Heroes: How a Daring Band of Misfits Mastered the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance. Good stuff. Also, in line with my way of doing things, atleast so far.

The historical story is intriguing and human. The info about natural movement is also heart warming. Along those lines, I’ve built a little bit of an obstacle course in my backyard. I’ve started jumping rope here and there. I still do a lot of stretches(yoga) and such, getting my back strong again. Which is coming along nicely.

The book is going well, so it photography. I also want to enter the Rabbit Heart 2015 Poetry Film Festival this year. I have an idea for a poem and a film, but JUly 1st is the deadline so I have to get after it. There is a gopro camera I want to get to get some footage of Barton Springs underwater. I know just the light I’m looking for, and the scenes. Will it match to the poetry, I don’t know until I write it. I”m excited about this project.

I also want to start submitting photographs to competitions again. Maybe even poems to great mags, like Rattle. We’ll see. So much to do.

I’m having a great time.

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