A Tough Week, but that’s OK

It’s only Wednesday, but its been a tough week.

I’m still moving along with the meditation. That’s not the rub. I subscribed to Headspace. I’m on the second program of the foundation series. I’m enjoying it. What I don’t like about headspace is the way they lock out content until you finish all three foundation courses. I think I understand the reasoning behind that, both business and practive-wise, but I don’t like it.

I’m still eating well. Mostly pescatarian, but I do venture into grass fed bison and beef once in awhile, but rarely. Still love my green smoothies. I even bought jeans the other day, 2 sizes smaller.

My energy levels are still cool. I’m happy. I’m excited about things. I’m reading alot. Creating. I’m talking to more people in my community. I’m doing great.

The problem is, I know I could be doing so much more. I am ready to move to new things, and new ways of doing things. I’m ready for my back to be completely healed so I can start volunteering the way I want to. I want to travel and have more adventures. I want to meet new people and have fun, and work with people to get outside, get barefoot, play a bit, and work to improve ourselves through interacting with each other, art and nature.

It’s been a tough week because my passion is growing, but my situation can’t match my passion, yet. Remain calm. I know I could be doing so much more. So much different than my current daily activities. I have so much more to give. To do.

I’m excited. I’m ready to do more. I want to move more, swim more, be barefoot more, and have more adventures.

On a positive note, so many things I’ve worked on over my life all seem to be integrating on this path. It feels good, right.

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