Today is the Day

It starts today. I start living healthy, today. Ultimately, untrue. It started a ways back. Maybe in late February it started when I began prepping for an oral surgery. I learned to make green smoothies because I didn’t want to go the ice cream route, and fell in love with smoothies.

Maybe it started before that, when I knew this turn to being healthy was coming, but hadn’t started yet. That waiting and prep was part of this beginning. All that reading and self-examination. An argument could be made for this starting in my late twenties, or in my late thirties, those are two times in my life when I was, more or less, living in a healthy manner. Those times inform this now. I know what didn’t work then, where I stumbled, etc. Every failure in the past will now be part of this success.

Nonetheless, today is the day I start blogging about living in a more healthy manner, and what that means to me.

OK, here’s the start date, last time I went to the doctor’s. I think that was in October of 2014, maybe September. They weighed me, and poked and prodded, and even took blood for tests. I don’t have a scale, so we’ll let that be my starting weight, whatever it was. I’ll go back in a while and we’ll see where we are.

I’m not a dietitian, a biomechanist, or even a trainer. I’m not offering advice on your specific diet. I’m offering companionship and reviews of diets and strategies and ways of living. I’ll still write about writing, photography, art, and life. I’ll write about it all, because this time around, living healthy is about integration. Integrity as a way of life. All the things I love, I will do. I will pursue the things that make me feel great, alive, happy, fulfilled, etc. What works for me is living a way of life that fully fits who I am.

I want to lose weight, because the doctor said that will fix my back problems. I’ve had sciatica since my mid-twenties. I learned this from the last two healthy periods of my life, my back pain disappears when I’m eating well and exercising regularly. I am hoping for a similar experience this time around. I also want more energy to go out and do the things that inspire and feed me, like hiking, volunteering, photography, walking, doing things with my son (concerts, traveling), swimming/snorkeling at Barton Spring and other swimming holes, travelling, etc. These are the things I want, and the things to help me get there. This list will grow. Doing more things is the key. Example, I love to volunteer with Austin Parks Foundation, and Treefolks. It is also great exercise. Good movement. You meet great people. This is life building and also part of losing weight. I like it when things operate on many levels.

Current Strategy. I’m eating a mostly vegetable based diet, leaning towards the pescatarian, but in the end I’ll eat meat, though I prefer wild game or non-factory farmed meats. We’ll get in to all that. I’m staying away from processed foods and sodas. I’m staying away from dairy, but I’m not sure why. It just happened. I’m not following any particular fad diet at this time. Their isn’t a book I’m following right now, though I’ve read many, and we’ll cover that as well. I’m following what seems right, for now, based on all I’ve read and experienced. I’m not juicing because I like the fiber. I’m not paleo, because I do eat quinoa, beans, and some rice. I prefer wild rice. There are aspects of all these diets that I am following though, as I outlined above, I’m mixing and matching what works for me. I also, kinda, follow the VB6 idea. Well, kinda. It’s complicated.

Let’s look a day in my eating life:

Mornings: usually a green smoothie which consists of kale, spinach, or some other green. I try to keep it varied amongst the four families: Crucifers, Amaranth, Asterface, and Apiaceae. Once I have that green in there, I’ll usually add a little celery, cucumber, pineapple, hemp seeds, banana and/or apple. Sometimes ginger.

If I’m real hungry, I’ll have steel cut oats (oatmeal) with an egg.

Lunch: I eat Thai, Japanese, or at Kerbey Lane. Usually pescatarian. If I bring a lunch, it’s avocado, cucumber and tomato salad. I’ll usually add a brothy soup to that. I’ve been toying with the idea of a trip to Whole Foods for one of their soups, but I haven’t done that yet. More than anything, I like to get outside on my lunch break. Read. Enjoy the day.

Dinner: it’s complicated. Sometimes a smoothie (any kind). Seasonal vegetables and some fish. Often a sweet potato. Soups. Something fresh, preferably. I try to keep dinner light. Later in the night I may have some chocolate (80% cacao or more).

Two nights a week I eat with my son, he’s 17, and prefers barbecue and hamburgers, which complicates things. There’s a restaurant called, Curry in a Hurry near a barbecue place he likes. I’ll sometimes poke at a hamburger when I’m in the mood to treat him. I stay away from the fries, mostly.

I drink mainly water and tea (iced and hot).

To round out this post, let’s talk a bit about movement. I’m learning alot from Katy Bowman.

I’m reading, Move Your DNA, by Katy. She’s excellent. I’ve listened to her podcast as well. She’s a star. I’m a little smitten with her. I first saw her on a Joe Rogan podcast, and I’ve been working a celeb crush since.

That brings us to Onnit, which is affiliated with Joe Rogan. I’m doing some kettle bell exercises, but not as much as I should.

Lastly, I’m learning about MovNat, and natural movement. I like the part that is like play. Atleast the way I like to play. We’ll talk more about all these things.

All of this is currently working. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but I’ve lost. I can tell by the way by body feels, the way it fits in chairs and in my clothes. I’ve lost alot in a short time. With my past two experiences, I lost alot through exercise and a pretty good diet. This time it is mostly diet, and due to my hurt back, I’m slowly ramping up the exercise as I learn to move more aligned and better.

That’s the gist. For now. More to come.

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