Our eyes are pinhole cameras

Our eyes are pinhole cameras. A room in your home can somewhat replicate an eye. Cover all the windows and openings in a room until it is dark black. Next, create a pin-prick in the window covering, and then an inverse of the scene outside the window will light up the wall. Camera Obscura. It is the easiest example of magic, that I know, besides life and everything. Light, when it bounces off of an object, what isn’t absorbed, carries a bit of the object with it, through space. Light carries it for so long and so far, that if you made a camera obscura of a starry night, you are actually looking at history from years ago. Images of you are likely flying through space at a break-neck pace, from years ago.

great examples:


One Comment on “Our eyes are pinhole cameras

  1. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I haven’t yet found a room I can make dark enough. If I had a bucket list, obscura-ing a room full of white furniture would be on it.

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